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Winter 2019

Random winter pictures.  Mostly December but into February

View up the valley on a lovely sunny December day

Peter digging for Bob.  Fortunately, he wasn’t buried there!

Funny mushrooms/toadstools with holes in the top - chimneys?

Bale trying to look studious


Before and after!

Still got a way to go…

Our elegant sitting room

Holly here dispelling the myth that she kills hens - she loves them

16 January 2020

I had a surprise today.  I had arranged for Simon Watts to come and help sort out the sheep prior to selling them and deciding what to sell and when.  We brought everything in, with difficulty and were discussing their sale; whether to sell the ewes ‘in lamb’ or lambed, when to sell the lambs and I was bemoaning the fact that they are so difficult to get in; the fact that the store sales are held on a Friday when we are tied up with the cottages; what sort of prices we could expect etc., etc.  Simon then piped up and offered a sum per head for all of them!! I was so taken aback that he should offer, but accepted (with Peter’s agreement), there and then!  So - we no longer farm sheep (except for two badger faced wethers and Perky) and Simon came later today and took them all away… I will sell the ram separately though and the badger faces we’ll keep for a bit of mutton.

It is a shock, but for the best - I have dreaded every time we have to get the sheep in for something and I didn’t get any beet this year, so some of them are looking a little poor.  Now I don’t have to worry.  On the other hand…  it’s sad!

Ready and waiting to go

The transport

A little reluctant, but squeezed in OK

And off they go…