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  Monday 3rd July 2019

Building the greenhouse.  Finished putting up the frame.  The glass went in that week.

Summer 2019

Last week sometime, I got up early and took Cyd for a ride.  On this occasion I took Holly with me; usually it is Skolly who insists on coming.  Not wanting both dogs and not knowing how Holly would behave, I decided to keep it to one.  

She was a bit unresponsive while we were going through the village, but out on the open road, she tucked in behind Cyd and didn't even run off to find rabbits in the woods.  she did eye a cat in a field rather ominously though and the Humphries at the Pentre hadn't got up and let their ducks out when we went past. - Phew!

(The photo of her is so rubbish because she kept dropping back every time I tried to take the picture)

  Sometime early July 2019

  8th to 18th July 2019

The pond being constructed.  Unfortunately the waterfall channel leaks, so while it runs, we have to keep topping it up with water from the hose.  

Not only have we planted a few water plants, but we've got some goldfish too!

Bringing the fish home in the car!

and then releasing them into the pond

Sunday 21st July

I took the three dogs for a walk at Black Hill on Sunday

We didn't see another soul the whole time

They have been re-designing the forest and the landscapes and views have changed beyond recognition in places.

This view used to be tall, fully grown trees (obviously ready for harvesting!)

It's ages since we've taken the dogs out and they really loved it - as did I.

Having moved the kittens from behind the sofa in the TV room upstairs to a box in the kitchen, Bale has now moved them into my office, where I cannot catch them all.  I found and move three back to the kitchen, only for Bale to take them back again.  I wouldn't mind so much, but they have fleas and I keep itching!!!  Nowhere locally has the flea treatment we need, so am having to wait for it to come through the post.

Bale and the kittens lie behind my office chair, so when I swing round to get up I tread on them - every time!!!

Friday 26th July

21st - 26th July

What started as a plan to re-decorate one wall of the sitting room where Peter had put in tiles behind the wood burner, has turned into a full blown make-over!

Painting beams has been the first step.   Grotty old coir matting removal will be the next!

Monday 29th July

It appears that the stream had undermined and maybe rotted some roots on that  side and something - who knows what - tipped it over!

The roots have just broken off on the bank side, but they don't look rotten.

An ash tree has come down!

I had heard something crack and creak on Sunday while I was in the house - it never dawned on me that it was the tree falling!

(that's a stretched drain pipe by the way)

There is a gap here.  It is not so obvious as there is so much extra greenery around.  I cannot yet find a 'before' picture.

 Early morning ride with two dogs.  (Early for me - 8.00 am!)  The dogs were really good, but we didn't really see anyone except Edu on his new electric bicycle taking his daughter Pia for a ride (no photos)

Saturday 3rd August

Sunday 4th August

I don't know why I didn't think of this before - wrapped in cat-scratchy hemp rope.  It was v. hard to get the rope up tight to the next piece because of the  shape of the legs.  It is not the most elegant look for a table, but it does stop the legs being worn to spindles!

This is the damage the cats have done to our kitchen table over the years from scratching and scratching…

'All but the kitchen sink'

'All our worldly goods'

We're emigrating!...

Tuesday 6th August

OK, just clearing the sitting room ready for a new floor

So, the coir matting came up and there was underlay underneath. Which happened to be stuck to the concrete.  Which we couldn't just peel off - it has had to be doused in white spirit and then scraped with a hoe or shovel.  Peter says it's the most mind numbing and tedious job he has had to do, but I'm afraid I rather unkindly pointed out that there have been others - worse!

Friday 9th August

Wednesday 21st  August

Tonight we will be celebrating the finish of our sitting room project.  The beams and walls are painted, the floor is down, the curtains are up and the piano has been put back.  Only the furniture is missing and some of that will be replaced.  Some pictures below:

Time-lapse video of the floor being laid