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18th November the second lot of kittens of the year were born.  They look like a rather pathetic harvest of blackberries in this photo!  They were born behind the TV and the first bed Bale made looked a bit gruesome under the flash of my camera, so I waited until I got them transferred to a nice basket with a clean towel to take another photo!

Move forward a month to December.  Bale lost a lot of weight and we weren’t feeding her enough, so we had to get some special kitten milk and feed them that and mushed up chicken.  AND feed Bale on demand.  She is now feeding them again and they have grown.  Soon I will wish them gone!  Like when the curtains have been ripped to shreds, there is unspeakable stuff on the cushions and poops in the corner of the sitting room…

Christmas Day escapee

Nov - Dec 2019