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Sunday 4th August

I don't know why I didn't think of this before - wrapped in cat-scratchy hemp rope.  It was v. hard to get the rope up tight to the next piece because of the  shape of the legs.  It is not the most elegant look for a table, but it does stop the legs being worn to spindles!

This is the damage the cats have done to our kitchen table over the years from scratching and scratching…

So, the coir matting came up and there was underlay underneath. Which happened to be stuck to the concrete.  Which we couldn't just peel off - it has had to be doused in white spirit and then scraped with a hoe or shovel.  Peter says it's the most mind numbing and tedious job he has had to do, but I'm afraid I rather unkindly pointed out that there have been others - worse!

Friday 9th August

August 2019

'All but the kitchen sink'

'All our worldly goods'

We're emigrating!...

Tuesday 6th August

OK, just clearing the sitting room ready for a new floor

 Early morning ride with two dogs.  (Early for me - 8.00 am!)  The dogs were really good, but we didn't really see anyone except Edu on his new electric bicycle taking his daughter Pia for a ride (no photos)

Saturday 3rd August

Wednesday 21st  August

Tonight we will be celebrating the finish of our sitting room project.  The beams and walls are painted, the floor is down, the curtains are up and the piano has been put back.  Only the furniture is missing and some of that will be replaced.  Some pictures below:

Time-lapse video of the floor being laid